GamePad 1.7

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Android 4.0+
GamePad 1.7. Screenshot 2 GamePad 1.7. Screenshot 3 GamePad 1.7. Screenshot 4 GamePad 1.7. Screenshot 5 GamePad 1.7. Screenshot 6
GamePad is a good console joystick emulator for Android.
Well suited for games in which there is no control, in the form of a touch joystick.

Main GamePad features:
  • It has two types of control 6 button and 4 button:
  • four-button path 4 buttons, like on a gamepad from Sony PlayStation and Xbox;
  • six-button, as on the gamepad from Sega and Dandy.
  • It has many settings, including settings like on an Xbox controller.
  • Flexible customization of buttons.
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